I would love to subscribe to the Think Pink boxes. When can I do this?

We are fully subscribed at the moment so can only add new subscriptions once a subscriber cancels theirs. On the first of each month after the previous months boxes have left us we will add any available subscriptions to the website. If there are cancellations we will add these when they arise up until the 15th of the month.

I would like to purchase a subscription for a friend/daughter/grand daughter. How can I do this?

Purchase a subscription and add the persons shipping address to the order with your name and address as the billing details. 

I am a Think Pink subscriber . Can I make an order and have it shipped with my box to save on shipping costs?

If you live in Ireland or the UK , yes you can by adding the code THINKPINK to the discount box at the checkout.Your shipping costs cover any extra orders.(This code does not work for one-off box purchases)

If you live anywhere else in the world, your shipping cost only covers the cost of the box. By huge demand we negotiated with our shippers to reduce the cost of shipping worldwide this year but the reduced shipping cost now only ships the box. 

Please refer to the combined shipping Q&A on the Shipping FAQs page  for ways to combine orders.

I have been charged this month on the 15th for my Think Pink box but I haven't received it yet

We don't ship the boxes the day the payment leaves your account .We ship  on the 28th of each month . All info can be found HERE

I love the eBook but cant read it on my phone.

No Problem, drop us an email and we can send you a link to read it on your PC. thinkpink@beyondthepinkdoor.com

How do I change my address/email address on my account?

Log into your customer account from the main menu under Think Pink Subscription boxes-My Subscription Account . Here you can update your account details.



 If your query has not been answered above please drop us an email to thinkpink@beyondthepinkdoor.com