Little Rosy Cheeks UK 'MADE COLLECTION’ - Pack of 3 Leather labels - Whisky Tan

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Pack of 3 real leather labels - ONE LABEL PER PHRASE - 3 IN TOTAL 

A series of 'Made' phrases are laser engraved and on whiskey tan leather with stitch holes either side, making these simple to sew on.




This leather patch is the perfect final touch to your me made garment, bag, quilt, you name it!

Our leather comes from Scottish and Irish cows and is sourced from a company who are passionate about sustainability.  We laser engrave them locally in Scotland, then wash and package in Scotland too! 

These labels are handmade. Leather is a natural product so the laser reacts slightly differently to different parts of the hide. Therefore we quality check them before packaging. We choose to machine wash the leather so they don’t shrink once attached to your garment. For these reasons, your labels may be slightly different to the labels in the photographs.