Little Rosy Cheeks UK 'MADE WITH LOVE' Pack of 6 sewing labels

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Pack of 6 woven labels 

'MADE WITH LOVE' is a double sided label with a pink and red heart on one side and a blue and green heart on the other. The much requested made with love label is finally here, ready to be sewn on to your love ones gifts. Lucky them!    


Labels measure 2.5cm/3cm folded and 2.5cm/6cm unfolded

Made in the UK. Packaged and quality checked in Scotland


Our packaging is made from recyclable card with a clear biodegradable window, which is then sealed with a clear biodegradable sticker. Please remove the clear disc and window and check locally how this should be disposed in your local area. The card is widely recycled. Our packaging is designed in Scotland and made in China.