Maison Fauve-HAUT VOL Dress Sewing Pattern

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Transformation of the Haut Vol dress into a summer top: the ultra easy hack is to be discovered in video step by step!

There are dresses, and there is Haut Vol: a marked waist, a supple bust with a neckline emphasized by yokes that structure and make beautiful shoulders, a long dancing skirt whose front is worked by two quilted pleats that make the volumes blossom down the garment without accentuating the pelvis. New dress, but still the Fauve detail: a delicate indentation that reveals a cleavage. Wearing the Haut Vol dress means moving forward with a proud look, confident, ready to jump into your day... And feel yourself grow wings!

Sewing level: advanced, the technical points are the assembly of the bust in sheath with the shoulder yokes, the gathers and the installation of the zip.


- Fabric for a width of 140 cm :
34-38 : 170 cm
40-42 : 190 cm
44-46 : 210 cm
48-52 : 235 cm
- 40 cm of iron-on material like Vilene G785
- An invisible zip of 40 cm

Choice of fabric : Lightweight fabrics (80 to 200 g/m2) with more or less hold depending on the desired look. A viscose, a tencel, a cotton, a crepe, poplin, satin, or twill. A fluid fabric will give a supple fall, a fabric with a little hold will bring more puffiness.