Maison Fauve-NAGE LIBRE Jacket Sewing Pattern

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An iconic piece of the bohemian wardrobe, halfway between a jacket and a negligee, the Nage Libre jacket is ideal for curling up after a swim or in the evening. With a straight, streamlined cut, a large collar that emphasizes the neck and bust, and shortened, flared raglan sleeves, it is modernized by a back yoke detail that energizes the silhouette. Available in a long, below-the-knee version or a short, hip-hugging version, with or without the collar band, it can be reinvented according to your choice of fabric and inspiration.

Sewing level: intermediate, the technical points are the installation of the collar band and the assembly of the lining.


Fabric for a width of 140 cm:
Fabric long version:
34-38 : 200 cm
40-42 : 240 cm
44-52 : 260 cm
Lining long version:
34-38 : 140 cm
40-44 : 150 cm
46 : 170 cm
48-52 : 210 cm
Fabric short version:
34 : 140 cm
36-42 : 180 cm
44-52 : 200 cm
Lining short version:
34-36 : 100 cm
38-46 : 120 cm
48-52 : 145 cm

- 100 cm of G700 iron-on for the collars, the facing, the neckline and the bottom of the bust and sleeve pieces
- We recommend 4m of gold piping to embellish the cut-outs of the Free Swim jacket

Choice of fabric: depending on the desired result, very soft or more structured, you can as well sew your jacket in viscose, and cotton sateen, in crepe as in jacquard of light to medium weight, fine wool, fine gabardine.