Little Rosy Cheeks UK 'MADE IN ME TIME' Pack of 2 Woven Patches

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Pack of 2 woven iron on patch

'MADE IN ME TIME' is the very first of our woven iron on patches. Like its woven label friend, this patch has an art deco theme. For many of us, sewing is time for ourselves, time to escape to a creative world where we can focus and hopefully relax. This label celebrates this me time!

MADE IN ME TIME is woven in blue thread on a detailed background of grey, lilac and turquoise threads.

This patch can be ironed on to any garment, on the outside of a denim jacket or bag. I like to iron them on to garments that have a large back facing. 


Patch measures 5cm in diameter. 

Colours: blue (386), lilac (320), turquoise (28), light grey (229) and dark grey (700)

(Please note: we have referenced Gutermann polyester sew all thread as a colour guide and provided the best possible match) 

Made in the UK. Packaged and quality checked in Scotland



1. Preheat your iron (medium/high heat is necessary to ensure that
the patch will adhere to the fabric).
2. Place the patch with the glossy side down onto the garment. Make
sure it is exactly where you want it. Cover with a tea towel.
3. Place the iron onto the design and press. Move the iron around
very slowly for at least 30 seconds.
4. Remove the tea towel and check around the edges. If there
are parts that did not adhere to the fabric, repeat the steps above.
5. In order for the patch to be secure stitch around the edges either
by hand or using a sewing machine.