It shows that the Advent Calendars are sold out ..Is that true? its only August. Can you make more?

Yes, they are sold out . They sold out in a week . It took 2 months to sell out last year so as you can imagine , we didn't expect them to sell out so fast . I am sorry but we cannot make more. We are a small team and can only cope with the number we added to the website.
P.S There is no waiting list to add your name to.

I ordered a kit a week ago but it has not been shipped yet.

Please check the description box for details of the shipping date. Many of our kits are pre-orders , and are not ready to ship on the date of order. 

I purchased an Atelier Jupe PDF pattern and the instructions are in a foreign language.

Yes the Atelier Jupe patterns have instructions in many languages. Scroll through your pfd until you find your required language. For reference the English version is approx page 16 

Is your shop a physical shop or online only ?

Online Only . Occasionally we have Open Days where you can visit . Keep a watch on social media for when we schedule our next one.

How do I redeem my Rewards?

Click on the Rewards Icon on the bottom left of our website. One of the options as you scroll down is 'Ways to redeem'. Click on this and follow the instructions.

PLEASE HOLD/THINKPINK will not work with my rewards code.

Yes, that is true! Use your rewards code but leave us a message in the NOTES box to let us know to hold your order or to ship it with your think pink box. We will then process a refund for your shipping.

I cant find where to add the PLEASE HOLD/THINKPINK/Discount Code.


A fabric I wanted to purchase has gone out of stock . Will you let me know when it is back in stock?

Under each product on our website there is a button to click on to 'Email me when available'. Click on this and when the fabric comes back into stock you will get an automated email to alert you.

If I click on 'Email me when available' am I obliged to purchase the product when it returns?

No, not at all. It is simply an email to let you know its back in stock should you wish to purchase. It is an automated email sent by the website.

How do I care for my fabric?

We include Care Instructions in the description of each fabric on our website. If yours is no longer listed , look for a fabric of the same composition for its care .

 If your query has not been answered above please drop us an email to