BOHIN-Velvet pincushion with metallic bracelet

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Color: Black

Our famous gold pincushion bracelet is a landmark accessory in the sewing world. The dome-shaped pincushion allows pins and needles to be pricked, you can then keep them close at hand and never lose them again. Our pincushion bracelets are made in our factory in France. The bracelet has a flash gold coating, a technique that consists of covering the bracelet with a very thin layer of yellow gold. The laser-engraved logo on the bracelet adds an elegant and refined touch. One-size and user-friendly, this bracelet will easily fit on your wrist. To maintain an optimal wearing comfort, if your wrist circumference exceeds 18 cm, you may prefer our adjustable pincushion strap. BOHIN offers bracelets in unique and trendy colours. Perfect for standing out!