Little Rosy Cheeks UK 'COUTURE/ARTISAN' Pack of 6 sewing labels

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Pack of 6 woven sewing labels

Say hello to our COUTURE & ARTISAN woven labels. Featuring a stunning monochromatic colour palette of blue and pink, these labels are designed to add a perfect finishing touch to your handmade creations. With two distinct designs per pack and three labels of each design, you'll have the perfect accent for a variety of projects.


COUTURE: high-fashion designing and dressmaking

Word origin: from French, sewing, dressmaking, from Old French cousture seam, from Latin consuere to stitch together, from suere to sew

ARTISAN: A skilled workman; craftsman. An artist.

Relating to goods produced on a small scale using traditional methods.


Labels measure 5.5cm/1.5cm