REMNANT-Roo-Tid Fluidity Collection-Balance-Organic Cotton Poplin-1.1MTR

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This large, floral design on 100% Organic Cotton Poplin features large, watercolour florals sitting in a bold and strong composition.

This design comes from a concept that celebrates a fluid mind. To welcome in the flexible thoughts and to quiet the patterns of rigidity. To embrace a sea of emotions only to be welcomed by balance once more.

This collection consists of paired designs; one features bold and strong compositions which represent balance, while the other features abstract swirls of colour, which represents fluidity. The two remind us that a fluid mind allows for change and change allows for balance.

This design represents a sense of balance. Its fluid partner is called ‘Transform’.

This collection can be worn as a gentle reminder to flow at your own pace until you’re moving like a river.

Stretch: None
Material: 100% Organic Cotton Poplin Fabric
Weight: 105g/m² 
Width: 150cm
Care Instructions:Machine washable at 30° on a delicate program, iron on a low setting and at the inside, no tumble dry. 

Tip: before sewing/processing, it''s always better to pre-wash your fabric.

We do our best to get accurate images of all of our fabrics, but due to varying monitor screens colours may differ .

    Sewing instructions: always use a microtex needle when sewing viscose!