Little Rosy Cheeks UK 'CREATIVITY' Pack of 6 woven labels

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Pack of 6 woven labels

'CREATIVITY NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE'  is our first label using gold lurex thread. The thread is woven on to a graphic black and white background, as we all know monochrome never goes out of style! As home sewers we make garments that are worn again and again over the years, standing the test of time. 

This label is flat with two edge folds on either side. The can be sewn flat to the inside of the garment or can be sewn on the outside too. This label is too good to be hidden away! 



Labels measure 2.5cm/5.5cm folded and 2.5cm/6.5cm unfolded

Colours: Black (000), white (800) and gold lurex

(Please note: I have referenced Gutermann polyester sew all thread as a colour guide and provided the best possible match) 

Made in the UK. Packaged and quality checked in Scotland



Our new packaging is made from recyclable card with a clear biodegradable window, which is then sealed with a clear biodegradable sticker. Please remove the clear disc and window and check locally how this should be disposed of in your local area. The card is widely recycled. Our packaging is designed in Scotland and made in China.