Maison Fauve-TRIBECA Blouse/Dress Sewing Pattern

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The Tribeca blouse/dress is a pattern that under its classic exterior will offer you the opportunity to let your creativity speak. The model allows you to play with materials, colors, and transparency of fabrics. Its cut-outs with studied positioning nicely underline the bust. Numerous variations are available: as a blouse or a shirt, as a dress with or without buttons on the front, with or without decorative bias to underline the yoke bands. Its cut is slightly fitted, for a feminine and comfortable fall.

Sewing level : intermediate to advanced, the technical points are the meticulous placement of the yokes and bias strips, the ripstop slit with the assembly of the cuff for the buttoned cuff version and the placement of the bias neckline, the button placket for the buttoned front dress/blouse version


- Fabric consumption for a width of 140 cm:
Blouse without band / with band :
34-36 : 130 cm / 150 cm
38-46 : 150 cm / 170 cm
48-52 : 165 cm / 185 cm
Blouse :
34-36: 150 cm
38-46 : 170 cm
48-52 : 185 cm
Dress not buttoned / buttoned :
34-36: 210 cm / 190 cm
38-46 : 240 cm / 220 cm
48-52 : 270 cm / 250 cm

- 20 cm of iron-on G710
- 4 buttons of about 10-15 mm for the cuffs of the button-down version
- 7 buttons of about 10-15 mm for the bust of the buttoned dress version
- 6 buttons of about 10-15 mm for the bust of the button-down blouse version

Suggested fabric
Lightweight fabrics (80 to 200 g/m2) with more or less hold depending on the desired result. Be careful that your fabric marks well with the iron and does not deform too much: a viscose, a tencel, a cotton, a crepe, poplin, satin, or twill. The openwork fabrics will also be interesting for this model especially since the cleanliness of the neckline is achieved with a bias.