Pre-Order-PRYM-VARIO Creative Tool-Limited Edition Green / Blue

€103,02 EUR

Available for Pre-Order -Limited Edition Green/Blue

Decorating jeans with rivets, attaching press fasteners to baby clothes or punching out holes for a hoodie cord and adding eyelets – with the VARIO Creative Tool, Prym's wide range of non-sew products can be processed easily and effortlessly. 

The ergonomic handle with soft-touch surface means that the handle of the VARIO Creative tool is comfortable and non-slip in the hand. The lengthwise and crosswise measurement, the plastic feet for a secure stand and the option of fine adjustment of the power transmission allow precision work that saves energy, keeping you from getting tired.

 Punching a hole is that easy: Open the handle, insert the punching tools and position the fabric. Then lower the handle, position it and punch the material.

Handy: Punching tools in various sizes are already included. Furthermore, the VARIO Creative Tool is compatible with all existing Prym tool sets and consumables from the Prym non-sew programme – a convenient alternative to the VARIO press fastener, hole and eyelet pliers. 

  •  Punching tools included: 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 mm
  •  Handle with three levels for precise work with significantly less effort
  •  Use the screw mechanism to adjust until it’s just right and to limit power transmission
  •  The two-way measurements make for precise positioning and measuring