I made the Eve Trouser from the Enzyme Washed Linen in Anthracite colour, a dark grey, I have used this linen a number of times and have never been disappointed with it.

My measurements are 40 Bust, 38 Waist and 48 Hip, so considerably wider on the beam, though most of this is a very rounded tummy.  The consequence of too much cake and not enough exercise!

The pattern goes from a size  6 (in my dreams) to an 18. I measured myself in the hope I might have gone down a size, but decided on the 18 straight, I made no adjustments to the pattern at all.  The pattern calls for 2.1mts of fabric but I had quite a chunk left over from 2mts.  There is a back piece, front piece, waistband, pockets (for the back) and a zip guard, that’s it!  The zip goes in the side, and I always have trouble zipping up when its on the side, but decided to stick to the pattern.

It was a very straightforward sew, in fact I did not refer to the instructions much at all. I started with the joining the 2 back pieces and added the pockets, I overlocked the seam, and also overlocked the sides. I then did the same for the front.  I added interfacing to the waistband as instructed.  The next step was the zip, I used an invisible zip, and watched a YouTube video to refresh my memory on inserting an invisible zip, it went in swimmingly!

I then sewed the side seams and added the waistband.  I made a mistake on the waistband and ended up with the overlap for the buttonhole going to the front of the garment rather than the back, so unpicked and resewed the right way.


I must add here that because of my waist size I did add extra length to the waistband just in case it was needed, it is always easier to cut some off than add it on!  But I didn’t add extra inches to the actual pattern, I don’t know how but it was just the waistband that came up a bit on the small size, and I hate having a tight waistband.


Nearly there…..already!  I did a buttonhole and found 1 covered button blank in my ancient button tin. Hemmed the bottoms and job done.


Now when I tried them on they felt a bit snug, but after wearing them for an hour or so the fabric gave a little and the fit was perfect, very comfortable and didn’t feel they were under stress, despite my ample back side in them.


I am delighted with them, I have tried lots of trouser patterns and this is by far the nicest, easiest make so far.  So much so that I made a second pair in the beautiful recycled denim, now the extra little bit of stretch in the fabric made this pair really spot on.  I did a knee length in these and tapered them by about an inch at the hem, so that they weren’t to “flappy” and I also put the zip in the front rather than the side, just to make it easier.


The recycled stretch denim is a fab fabric, though it does need a couple of washes as the die will be all over your hands after handling it, I didn’t notice it before in the dark blue version, but definitely in the indigo.


They are a smart pair of city shorts, comfortable and a nice length, just on my knee.

I recommend this pattern for a smart fitted trouser, that is comfortable and versatile as you can change the look of them with your choice of fabric.

My next pair will be white linen, but instead of a tapered leg I will do a straight leg and full length.


Fabric used:  Enzyme Washed Linen in Anthracite 14.00 euro per meter

                      Recycled stretch Denim in Indigo. 12.00 euro per meter 

Written By :

Jenny Coughlan

May 19, 2021 — Andrea Parry


Jean said:

Hi enjoyed your review. Am 5’9” and size 14/16 and having trouble with trousers and lengthening them and with the fit! Have started making a toile first to avoid wasting material. Very encouraging review. Thankyou.

Pauline Fisher said:

Excellent review Jenny and so useful to have before committing to a purchase of a new pattern.

Pauline Fisher said:

Excellent review Jenny and so useful to have before committing to a purchase of a new pattern.

Lorraine Marshall said:

Fantastic review Jenny and so well explained it has made my mind up to now order the pattern. Hopeful to make a pair in the black Linen for work this summer

Suki said:

Thanks for the review, If they went to a bigger size then I’d have a look at them.

Gay O Mahony said:

Ive purchased linen in anthracite and have syle arc bob and m and ms Eve..trying to decide which to make…1st pair of trousers looming.
Any help?

Theresa Holland said:

Thanks for the review Jenny

Ann said:

Lovely review, I have issues with trousers fitting because of my shape and after reading this I may have a go at the pattern.

Linda said:

Well done xx a really lovely read

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