I am very late to the Chalk and Notch Fringe dress party ... 3 years in fact.! Yes it is 3 years since this beautiful pattern was released.. I have a feeling that it will be a staple part of my spring, summer , autumn and winter wardrobe for many years to come yet.

Did I mention that I love it!!

The pattern comes in 2 dress versions and a top version , so you get lots of options within the one pattern , which I love. View A has a button front with sleeves that are held up with a button tab. View B has a really lovely shaped neckline and a sleeve cuff. Both versions have a tie belt which is cleverly inserted into the waist darts at the front so when it is tied it cinches in the waist nicely.

Both have my favourite hemline.. a dippy hem as I like to call it. I find that this shape hem suits my height and possibly even elongates me.. It could be in my mind. !!

The construction of the dress is enjoyable with very clear and easy to follow instructions. The skirt is very slightly gathered and I used my gathering trick which I learned whilst making the Avid Seamstress day dress. It involves sewing narrow elastic to the top of the skirt to gather it. I find this way of gathering makes for very even distribution, especially effective when working with a skirt like this which does not have a huge amount of fullness.( I demonstrated this in my weekly vlog on youtube. It is in episode 14.)


The First...

Here is the dress which started my Fringe obsession

I made this as a straight size 6, B cup, view A, without any alterations.  For reference I am 5ft 0 and 36-30-38. I measured up to an 8 but I had read a lot of reviews saying that it was pretty oversized and thought it was best to size down. I liked the smock look but didn't want the dress to drown me. 

I really like how this 'test' version turned out. It was squeezed out of a viscose remnant  I picked up on Ebay. I really liked the fit of the size 6 but felt that the seam between the bodice and skirt was a little high.

The Second..

I had this amazing Art Gallery rayon hanging in my stash for a few weeks/months. I loved it so much and had searched so hard to find it that I wanted to wait to find the perfect project for it... It had to be a fringe.
So here came Number 2.. I again made the 6 B cup but added an inch to the length of the bodice. I have worn this dress so much and it has been admired so much too. It also began my love affair with Art Gallery fabrics!!
The Colours !!

The Third..

I cut out the third when I was cutting out the second... it had become an obsession!. This time it's from a lovey floaty viscose I have in my shop. I just adore the colours in it and can imagine it for winter too over tights and under a long cardigan... I have a few cosy Harper cardigans which are going to work so beautifully with it.


I love the Superga range of runners and ordered a few new pairs on line. When they arrived I realised that one pair matched my dress.. Matchy matchy!!

The Fourth..

It was time to try view B. I had been noticing the buttons popping open on my Art Gallery dress and had added a pin to save myself from possible embarrassment so I thought maybe trying the C cup would help. The C cup has darts at both the bust and the waist and I definitely felt this was a more comfortable fit.. I added the extra inch to the bodice but removed it again when I fit the dress on mid making.... sewing is all about trial and error.  

I adore this dress!! I felt a million dollars wearing it. The fabric is a viscose I had in my shop, now out of stock but I will be re stocking it , most likely for spring. 

It has a fabulous drape and I really like how red looks on me. I used to buy red a lot and I will be buying it more  for sure. 

I like this notched neckline a lot!
I have another fringe cut out in a gorgeous Lady McElroy fabric.. I will make it soon, it has colours that will be perfect for the coming season and will be lovely over tights and perfect for layering.
Thank you for reading and I hope you're all keeping well and happy
I'll be back soon 
September 11, 2020 — Andrea Parry


Tanya said:

Do you think this could be made with jersey? Im hoping so as I have a lot of it and not so much woven but I love this dress.

Isabel Grey said:

Hi, I love all the dresses you have made so beautifully using this Fringe pattern. Can you please let me know where I can purchase this pattern. Love your videos bye the way and hope your new venture is progressing smoothly.


Daphne Duffy said:

It’s definitely a great dress for you, l love every single one of them on you and I know how much you love that dipping hem. You have introduced me to so much I still have a lot of catching up to do,

Susan Lofthouse said:

I love your obsession with the fringe dress. It’s definitely now on my ever-growing list.

Gay O'Mahony said:

Delighted wt fabric
Just credit my account for fabric…have u pattern for above dress in stock if so…hold one for me and let me know how much I will ph u.

Theresa Byrne said:

Love this dress!

Andee said:

When I finally get over my obsession with the Darling Ranges dress I’ll give this a go. They all look delightful on you.
Ps my 2 daughters have asked for a couple each of the darling ranges too, so I may be some time…. Enjoy your blogs!

Siobhan Bloomer said:

I love this dress. You did a fab job ❤

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