Maison Fauve-ECLIPSE Combishorts/Dress Sewing Pattern

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My first is a pretty summer dress, with the perfect length for a walk on a sunny afternoon. My second one is a very chic combishort, with a little fullness and nice lapels... The pattern combishort woman ECLIPSE plays hide-and-seek with the sun, to offer you a wardrobe that can be worn day and night.

Sewing level:  Intermediate, the technical points are the pleats on the shoulder, the making of the lapels, and the assembly of the invisible zip in the back.

- Version combishort sleeve with lapel: 34-46 1m90 and 48-56 2m42 of fabric
- Version combishort sleeve without lapel: 34-46 1m76 and 48-56 2m30 of fabric
- Version dress with lapel: 34-46 1m72 and 48-56 2m32 of fabric
- Version dress without lapel: 34-46 1m72 and 48-56 2m25 of fabric
- 3 buttons 10-15 mm
- Invisible zip 60 cm


Suggested Fabric
Cotton poplin, tencel, light denim, viscose and crepe, cotton sateen, fabrics with a nice fall and a little bit of hold for the combishort version, and which can be more flexible and light for the dress version. In all cases, you should choose a fabric that marks the folds well with the heat of the iron.