Pigeon Wishes-Snowfall Button 15mm - Pack of 15

$13.03 USD

Snowfall Buttons Set (Shirting Size)

These set of buttons design remind us about the snowfall and christmas. It has a unique pattern of white in a clear base. Feels like snowflakes or white feathers. I can image a picture of stay in a warm house and look the light and snowfall through the window outside.

15 buttons per set


Each button is one of a kind.
Made from bio resin these kinds of buttons are tough, glossy and have a smooth texture.
They are relatively lightweight and hardly discolour from UV rays.

Suggested makes

Melilot Shirt (Deer & Doe)
Kew Dress (Nina Lee London)
Olya Shirt (Paper Theory Patterns)


Our button holder clear bag is a cellulose based bio-degradable bag. (www.ecocraft.co.uk)

Our greeting, backing card and posting bag is made from 100% recyclable & biodegradable paperboard certified by the FSC. (www.vistaprint.com)

We constantly review our product and packaging and keep improving.

Machine washable, *Do not bleach *Do not use alkaline laundry detergent, Normal tumble dry